Now SCA Sound Solutions Co.(formaer soundcraft INC. Import Sales Div.) is a member of S.C.ALLIANCE Inc. at June 2005.
S.C.ALLIANCE Inc. recorganized form SoundCraft Inc. and related companies such as Arte and Techniland

SCA Sound Solutions Co. is a subsidiary of S.C.ALLIANCE Inc (Space Creators Alliance).
It is responsible for services relating to broadcasting and professional audio equipment, comprising importation and marketing of equipment, systems design and support, and product development. We import and market equipment and peripherals from overseas manufacturers on the basis of careful selection from an engineer's viewpoint, and also provide support services for these products. We supply systems of outstanding cost-effectiveness, designed with utmost care to suit clients' needs, combining third-party equipment, both Japanese and imported, with equipment developed by ourselves.

We are also further developing our own scmade brand products, applying the technology and know-how acquired through our experience with exhibitions, events, and public facilities.

The companies of the Space Creators Alliance group work in concert to respond to our clients' wide-ranging needs in both the hardware and the software areas. In response to the advance of digital broadcasting, the diversification of broadcast media, and technological innovation, we strive to provide value that others cannot match by creating and supporting the most suitable and effective systems speedily and accurately.

Business activities
Systems design of broadcasting and audio facilities, consultancy, system installation, marketing of imported equipment, technical support services, maintenance, development and marketing of own scmade brand products, manufacture of special custom-made products to clients' orders.

SCA Sound Solutions Co.
1-29-2 Nishihara, Shibuya-ku
Tokyo, Japan 151-0066

URL: http://ss.sc-a.jp
TEL: +81-3-3372-3661
FAX: +81-3-3372-3671
e-mail: sales@ss.sc-a.jp
Attn: Hiro Ishihara
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